Tristan Bienstman

Having worked within the IT industry since 2003, I have learnt a wide range of skills which will exceed expectations. My positions have been tier 3; I can handle a business’ entire IT needs, networking, servers, phone servers, business systems, and the unusual things that nobody really supports. It’s rare that a business has something which I haven’t worked with at another business.
Last Resume Update March 20, 2018
Address 867 Vimy Ave
Degree Associate Degree
Experience More than 15 Years
Category Information Technology, Communications and Entertainment
Phone Number 5195678126


Senior Network Engineer - 2016 to 2018
Alphakor Group
● Primary technician for multiple businesses; I completely manage everything IT.
● Lead escalation technician to resolve issues that cannot be solved by others.
● Lead security specialist, I perform the organization’s security services.
● Project Manager, from small network modifications to major facility migrations.
● Canadian Federal Security Clearance.
● Architect/Designing networks from scratch or for improvements.

Previous Positions:
Senior Network Engineer - 2012 to 2016
Netmon Inc
● IT technical lead: Leading the team in how to configure and maintain everything.
● Team Mentoring: Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.
● Projects: Implementing new solutions or changes.
● Emergency/Disaster: Fixing outages and getting to root cause analysis.
● Continuous Improvement: Improving so that the disasters never happen again.
● Network Monitoring: Maintaining monitoring so we know about disasters.
● Documentation: Documenting everything so that we are not surprised.
● Web Management: Web server and domain name servers.
● Communication: Ensuring that everyone is aware what’s going on.
● Resolve technical debates: When there is question on how to do something.
● Network Consultant: Businesses requiring assistance with networking issues.


Network Engineering Diploma from TriOS College.