Darius Chow

Aspiring Information Systems Professional with a Master of Information Degree (expected in June 2016) I have a strong fundamental technical background and a wide range of non-technical experience. Technical background: Bachelor of Computer Science (General) for University Graduates, GPA of 96.0/100 (Highest GPA Award). Preferred programming language is C++ (because there is a lot of control and it is closer to machine code, therefore it runs faster). From the program, I also learned fundamental concepts (Java, C/C++, SQL, algorithms, data structures, OO design, agile methods), AI concepts, OS concepts and use (Linux/UNIX), and web technologies (PHP, HTML/CSS, Javascript) Non-technical experience: Analyzing the business (business canvas, stakeholder engagement), business processes (BPMN), organizational culture (goal oriented modeling), and more, to assess the fit of information systems.
Last Resume Update January 27, 2016
Degree Masters Degree
Experience 3+ to 5 Years
Category Information Technology, Communications and Entertainment
E-mail dariuschow@gmail.com
Phone Number 2262464578
Website http://ca.linkedin.com/in/dariusc


Technical Experience:
1. I started out informally tutoring classmates of my computer science courses.
2. I participated in coding competitions like ACM, CS Games, Google Code Jam.
3. I worked with a professor and their PhD student at the University of Windsor to redesign and implement an algorithm-visualization program using Java/Swing. (8 month project)
4. I worked at the University of Toronto while being a student, to ensure information integrity, consistency, and completeness regarding contact information for about 11,000 people. Includes analyzing and improving the processes for gathering, updating, auditing, and reporting contact information. (10-month project, still in progress)

Project Experience:
1. Autominium (name changed for confidentiality), 09/2015-12/2015
-Researched an automotive manufacturer’s business, and organizational environment, and elicited information processes and system processes through a contact.
-Future scenarios of uncontrollable changes were devised. An information architecture and systems architecture were proposed to be agile to pre-empt and adapt to change by assessing how the scenarios impact the current and proposed architectures.

2. Career Centre: Employer Relations, 10/2015-12/2015
-Created a comprehensive plan to study the information system (paper and technology) at the Career Centre, specifically regarding employer relations.
-Drafted a request for proposal (RFP) to replace the current technological system including details of functional and non-functional requirements, and the tender process.

3. Access My Info, 09/2014-12/2014
-Used iterative design methods and rapid low-fidelity and virtual prototyping using InVision when working with a client to improve the user interface and user experience of an online tool.

4. St. George’s Home Care (name changed for confidentiality), 09/2014-12/2014
-Reviewed the client organization’s primary business process and through modelling, proposed ways of improvement through automation, innovation and transformation.
-Proposed better streamlining of processes through goal-based modelling and value network analysis to identify the organizational environment, dependencies and value propositions.

Programming Languages: C/C++, Java, Python, SQL, PHP, HTML/XML/CSS/Javascript, MS VBA
Analysis Frameworks: RFP, BPMN, DFD, ERD, UML, ArchiMate (TOGAF), i*, BIM, Value Networks
Tools and Software: Eclipse, Visual Studio, MS Visio, MS Project, MySQL, Git, phpMyAdmin, ArcGIS


Bachelor of Science (2009): Major in Biochemistry - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bachelor of Computer Science (General) for University Graduates (2013) - University of Windsor
Master of Information (expected 2016): Concentration in Information Systems and Design - University of Toronto