Todd Graham

Research ChemistRes Ph.D. level chemist with extensive experience: organic, inorganic and organometallic chemistry, synthesis, scale up. Seeking an opportunity in R&D, business development or related areas.
Last Resume Update March 27, 2014
Address 4205 Old West Ave.; Windsor
Degree Doctorate
Category Advanced Materials, Manufacturing and Engineering
Phone Number (226) 787 4963


Cytec Industries Inc. 2011 – 2014
Research Chemist
• Responsible for operating 1 and 10-gallon autoclaves, 20-gallon glass lined reactor.
• Transportation of dangerous goods, batch process scale up, project management, Front Line Leadership and fundamentals of lubrication training.
• Experience with distillation of pyrophoric material on 10 kg scale.
• Rigorous focus on laboratory safety, participated in process hazards analysis.

University of Toronto 2009-2011
Commercial Development Associate
• Business development: optimized metal free catalytic hydrogenation reactions for Start-up Company.
• Designed ligand system for high activity Cr-based butadiene polymerization system and nickel hydrido species.
• Supervised graduate and undergraduate research projects.

Kanata Chemical Technologies 2006 – 2009
Research Chemist
• Organic, organometallic and inorganic chemical synthesis.
• Catalyst development: discovered and developed highly active catalyst system for producing dihydrogen (H2) from ammonia borane (NH3BH3) for fuel cell energy applications (to prototype stage).
• Demonstrated technology to and interacted with engineers and investors.
• Synthesized functionalized mesoporous silica based metal scavengers on >100 g scale.
• Developed process for reversible or irreversible metal binding, utilizing functionalized mesoporous silica metal scavengers for mining, pharmaceutical and related applications.

National Research Council of Canada 2004 – 2006
Research Associate (supervisor: Arthur J. Carty)
• Synthesis and elucidation of reactivity of new types of organometallic complexes containing terminal phosphinidene ligands (i.e. LnM=PR) and bridging analogues (i.e. M2(-PR))
• Provided supervision and training for new scientists.
• Characterized materials using analytical techniques (NMR and IR spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography).
• Prepared complexes with various new types of phosphorus containing ligands.
• Performed extensive maintenance on an Innovative Technologies glovebox.

University of Windsor 2001 – 2004
Post-Doctoral Research (supervisor: Douglas W. Stephan)
• Preparation of and reactivity studies on group IV transition-metal complexes containing phosphinimide (N=PR3) ligands for olefin polymerization.
• Prepared and fully characterized first Ti(II) phosphinimide species, highly reactive metallacyclic and novel Ti-phosphinidene and imido species.
• Provided supervision and training for new scientists.
• Participated in commissioning of three new VAC gloveboxes.

University of Sheffield 1999 – 2001
Post-Doctoral Research (supervisor: Peter M. Maitlis)
• Examined electronic effects on carbon-carbon bond formation in organometallic complexes.
• Prepared heterogeneous Fischer-Tropsch catalysts and performed 13C labeling mechanistic studies on the Fischer-Tropsch reaction.
• Analyzed sample mixtures with GC and GC/MS.
• Participated in design and commissioning of new laboratory.
• Supervised one graduate and two undergraduate research projects.


University of Alberta 1993 – 1999
Graduate student (Ph.D.; supervisor: Martin Cowie)
• Dean's list.
• Reactivity studies on bimetallic organometallic alkyl complexes (five publications).
• Consistently received excellent student teaching evaluations.
• Preparation of compounds containing both early (e.g. Ti) and late (e.g. Rh) transition metals.
• Responsible for commissioning and maintenance of a VAC glovebox.
• Trained and supervised undergraduate research students.


• University of Alberta.
Ph.D. in Chemistry, 1993-1999.
Thesis Title: Early-Late Heterobimetallic Complexes Containing Polydentate Bifunctional Ligands. (Dean’s List, Jimmy Condon awards in 1987-1991, 1996).

• University of Alberta
B.Sc. in Chemistry (minor in Biological Sciences), 1987-1992